Baby Foot Peel Review: Is It Safe? Does It Really Work?

There are two key requirements for a beauty product that deserves cultic status: (1) the number of Reddit threads devoted to it and (2) the number of beauty editors who have blissed “I will really buy this for my own money.” I can make you confident that Baby Foot exfoliating peel meets both criteria thanks to a fast internet search and the fact that I work in the industry.

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In the event that you are off track, the Baby Foot Peel Review is: it is an effective peel that says that the most credible and stubborn of toes operate beautifully.

Is the Baby Foot Peel safe?

The Baby Foot Peel is healthy and painless, is, IMO, the gross thing about it. This said I’d probably stay away from it if you have any open wounds, cuts, sores or infections. It’s full of acids, recall? And if any of these active ingredients are removed, however small, it can be extremely painful and/or lead to an infection. And nobody wants that — not a good style — so just skip the skin until all of you ‘re healed, all right?

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How long does the Baby Foot Peel last?

Full disclosure, I am still in the after-peel, but the smooth, callous-free feeling lasts about two weeks, according to my wise friends who have been there before. Therefore, the input level is essentially the same as the output. After you avoid crying, wear shoes and, you know, live your daily life, the dead skin will finally return home. Sadly, nothing is ever going to get rid of your gross dead skin. (We should get on that, NASA?)

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The final verdict

Here is our Baby Foot Peel Review. Although the whole process is a patience test, I believe it ultimately pays off. Like, I haven’t got such results from foot cream or pedicure. Is that really $25? I mean, it’s extortionate, literally. I would suggest spending a day in the DIY spa if you do not have two weeks waiting to get smooth feet, or do not want to deal with an unnecessary shedding.

Relax with your feet in a wash, go in the foot file to get rid of the dead skin, and follow it with a deep hydration lotion. Just remember: Pedicures at home are fantastic if you need to touch them fast, but they will not give you the results of a Baby Foot-a peel of its own.

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