Banana-Inspired Look is Officially A New Trend In 2020

2020 is definitely the weirdest year (what an understatement) in 10 years back then. There’s no way you do not agree with me on it: the forest fires, the pandemic, and everything else. Recently strange things happen in the makeup industry as well. Recently, we come across an extremely fresh and cool color on Instagram, nothing else but yellow – the color of a vibrant and hot summer. What fruit do you think of when it comes to yellow? Yeah, you get it right. Bananas, right? How come bananas can be an inspiration for a makeup look? Paz Sykes is the one who comes up with this brilliant idea, and now many makeup artists have been following her footsteps with their own imagination and creativity. It is official: the banana-inspired look is a new trend this year.

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How banana became a makeup inspiration?

In an interview, Paz Sykes said that she always urged to find makeup inspirations from complicated and abstract things. Sometimes it works, but sometimes she hits the deadends. That’s when she realizes: “Wow, easy, easy. That is not it.”. Then, she started noticing more about what happens around her in daily life. Here we go, bananas – the simple, the everyday.

How to have the look?

To create a banana-inspired look, you only need to prepare four main products. They are a creamy yellow pigment, which is used for the lids as a theme for eye makeup, mascara, eyeliner (for the faux freckles representing the dots of banana peels), and a brow gel.

After the first post of Sykes on Instagram, many other banana-themed makeup looks emerge and explode on every platform on social media. Here are some of them. Check ‘em out for more inspiration. Don’t forget to try out this makeup and use the hashtag #bananamakeup so that everyone else that is interested can find you.

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