Be A Total Sassy Badass With Cardi B’s Nail Designs

Before Cardi B made history to churn out one chart-topping hit after another, she was just a Bronx kid with a huge dream — and a great nail designer. Exactly, Cardi B’s nail designs can be your next manicure inspiration for a badass and fabulous look.

Can’t deny that Cardi B’s nail designs look stunning and outstanding. Let’s have a look at her signature manicure style and it could be your next inspiration.

cardi-b-nail-cover-1 Be A Total Sassy Badass With Cardi B’s Nail Designs

Neon Green Stiletto

Cardi B posted a video on her Instagram Stories early Friday morning in which she shows off her nails: a freshly super thin, extra-pointy stiletto shape in a summery, neon, lime-green hue. The shiny finish shines with the light of the manicurist just inches away — Cardi shared the photo clearly before she even left the chair, and the development seems to have taken it all night.

Cardi B’s Nail Designs: Crystal-Studded Ombre

Cardi B went all-out to celebrate her baby, Kulture’s second birthday, and got them matching gold anklets, watches, and rainbow Ugg slippers — because she can, well. The “Bodak Yellow” singer even received a larger-than-life crystal manicure to make the occasion even sexier.

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Pink Nails With Swarovski Crystals

The singer sure knows how to make everything extra, with her silk purple dress, her nail also made an outstanding point which we can see lots of crystals. She knew how to shine on the red carpet.

Cardi B’s Nail Designs: Super-Long Pink Nails

Cardi collaborated with Reebok for a kickass collection which comes with a new video to accompany her for her latest venture. The rapper sits under the dryer in a hair salon, chatting about a dude with another client. As everyone turns to Cardi in the nail salon, they find that the shoelace of her Reebok sneaker is untied and everyone around her seems worried.

Cardi says, “Hold up,” and her shocked manicure of pink and magenta grows even longer — and I truly mean the length of freakin. The snake-like nails stretch from her thighs (where her hands are resting), down her knees and legs, and then proceed to tie her shoelace, like they have a mind of their own. Imagine if that really was possible? WOW.

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