Be Ready to Wow with Impressive Floral Tattoo Designs by Hannah Kang

In several countries across Europe and Asia, the symbolic language of flowers has been known for decades. In William Shakespeare’s works, they also play a major role. Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Chinese mythologies, legends, and sounds are peppered by the flower. The symbolism of flora and flowering plants all represent a good and positive vibe. With flowers, almost any possible feeling can be conveyed. For example, the orange bloom means chastity, pureness, and charm, while the red chrysanthemum means “I love you.”

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Floral Tattoo Designs by Hannah Kang

For 5 years Hannah Kang, the South Korean tattooist has inked body art and has specialized in fine tattoos, aquarelles, and realism. Her style consists of both fine lines and elegant, soft colors that produce esthetic artworks. This experience once served as a great source of inspiration for the graphic floral tattoo design and the portraiture and aquarelle of its distinctive style. Now she works for Vestige Tattoo in Brooklyn, New York. She likes to look after animals in her spare time. Her ambition is to use her capabilities to bring the memories and experiences of her customers into enduring works of art.

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We have compiled an art gallery to share today with you her lively floral tattoo designs. We hope that for the next tattoo appointment you will find them inspiring.

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