Beautiful And Amazing Ankle Tattoo Ideas For Girls In 2020

Ankle tattoo has been become common for a long time because of its beauty and cuteness.  There is a variety ideas of it for you to choose from. There is no limit in size or color for this kind of tattoo, but most people go for a small one.

Realistic ankle tattoo 

There are many designs if you want to try the realistic tattoo for your ankle. Take this tattoo in the picture as an example.

Jewelry tattoo

Instead of going to store, and then purchase a bracelet for the ankle, why don’t you try to have your own design for your jewelry tattoo to put on the ankle and show it off to people around you.

Flower ankle design

If you are looking for something simple, cute, soft, and elegant, flower tattoos are perfect for you. This can be lotus or rose, and it will depend on the meaning of the flowers that you want to show. They are so gorgeous that you can’t help to fall in love and have one of them on your ankle.

Bird tattoo

Bird tattoo is a great way to show your young and free spirit. It will be a tiny, but lovely tattoo, and will look good on you.

Arrow tattoo

This is a small, but cool and cute tattoo to have on your ankle.

Snake tattoo

This tattoo will show the coolness of a girl. It will give you a smart, mysterious and beautiful look.

Symbol tattoo

If you are interested in simple things, a tiny symbol tattoo can be right for you.

Bold tattoo

A bold tattoo will be suitable if you are looking for a tattoo that can catch others’ attention. This can be a little bit bigger, and have a lively color.

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