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Beautiful Koi Fish Tattoo Designs Showing The Japanese Symbolism

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Japan always making a huge influence in the beauty industry, and a tattoo is one of them. One of the most popular tattoo ideas is Koi fish tattoo designs. The amazing fish creature is a big symbol in this country for a long time. So, the inspiration for the tattoo can be as wide beyond your imagination. Let’s have a look at this beautiful tattoo.

The Origin

In Japanese, “koi” means “carp” or carp fish. “Koi” is a shortened word for “Nishigikoi” and this is a beautiful creature. Koi fish is colorful and has a variety of shaded patterns along with their fishy scales. It also big and a great pet, but it also costs a lot, not only on the fish itself but it hard to take care of because it requires lots of care.

The Meaning

Koi fish tattoo has lots of meaning even though it just an animal. But like wild animals, it becomes a Japanese symbol for a long time. It represents strength, prosperity, luck, determination, independence, perseverance, and so on. People when choosing a Japanese tattoo or just simply a tattoo, Koi fish can be a popular option. The fish are related to lots of meanings and symbolism that many people find it to be their inspiration in life.

The Designs of Koi Fish Tattoo

Since the creature itself is already beautiful, the designs tend to be in watercolor ink to perfectly portrait its beauty. The tattoo is loved by both men and women, so whichever gender you are, this tattoo is perfect for you. Beside using watercolor ink, you can add some other elements like the fish pool, or filled with nature. If you don’t want to go too bold, a traditional ink tattoo with minimalist designs also can be highly recommended.

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It is obvious that you must know about the Koi fish tattoo since it is so famous. Let’s see some incredible and fascinating designs from this Japanese symbol creature.



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