Bedroom Rug Ideas to Make Your Feet No Longer Cold

Like the living room rug under the sofa, the bedroom rug is usually put under the bed. Besides that, the rug still has another big benefit. That is to cover your feet from the cold floor. If you used to step out of the bed and realized that the floor is freezing your feet, you might understand why a bedroom covering sheet is more than just a decorating item. The rug not only saves your freeze toes but also brings in a tone to your bedroom. Before choosing, check out these tips to choose the best rug for your bedroom that balances your décor elements and levels up your place.

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1. The Rug Size is Vitally Important

The best bedroom rug size should be larger around 2 feet than that of your bed. Thanks to it, when you step out of the bed, your feet won’t be cold in a surprising way. In case your bedroom is small and the space to put the furniture is limited, some suggestions are to cover the whole room with a big blanket. In this way, you not only pay less but also don’t have to face the chill floor.

2. Choose a Bedroom Rug Style

Your bedroom is your castle and you want everything is perfect in your eyes. Don’t forget to choose the rug style suitable for the whole room tone. For example, your room is currently decorated in a Bohemia way, but you choose a dazzling and complicated-pattern rug, it is not smart anyway.

3. Rug Materials Can Boost Your Feet’s Feeling

Believe us, when you choose your favorite rug materials, you will be happy to walk and stand on the rug all day without tiring and boring. That is because this is your desire, and you have a crush on it. Sisal is one of the best bedroom rug materials for its coarse natural fiber. Besides, silk and viscose are really nice and shimmer.

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