Before You Play with Bright Eye Shadow, Read This Please

Bright eye shadow can create magic, as long as you know how to play with the rules. Have you ever notices that the makeup artists always have particular sets of color? Purple goes with yellow, yellow looks good with orange. Green, on the other hand, should never stand next to brown. The right choice of bright colors helps you to create a happy vibe that nothing else can be compared with.

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Below, we rounded up the 7 best ways that you can play with bright eye shadow. If you want to spread your “happy virus”, don’t miss this out!

1. Bright Eye Shadow – Aqua wave

No makeup looks can be more suitable for summer than this shimmery aquatic blue shadow. Choosing turquoise as the main theme is a good idea. I know what you are thinking. We are taught since high school that we cannot wear green if we have bright eye color. However, you’ll never know unless you give it a try. In most cases, it creates a good contrast.

To copy the look, smudge the shadow at the inner and outer of your eyes’ corners. You can create the look with only your fingers instead of brushes since there is always a bit oil of your fingers, which makes the makeup blended much better compared to brush.

2. Block it out

Purple, yellow, and pink… Every bright color can be combined and made an abstract picture.

If you need a recommendation, we love the Make Up For Ever Artist Color Eye Shadow in M-402, M-853, and M-924.

3. Bright Eye Shadow – Purple Reign

2020 is the year of purple. Why not put it into your eye makeup?

4. Go Fish

If you are inspired by flowers, you must be falling in love with fish-inspired eye makeup. Leave the center of your lid bare as the body of the fish.

5. Bright Eye Shadow – Blue. Period.

Sometimes, you don’t even need to create a figure. Just put on the pigments and set your creativity free.

6. Beetle Lids

This is the metallic makeup look with bright eye shadow that you love.

7. Caution Tape

Complicated as it looks, this makeup only takes you 3 minutes (max)!

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