Behold The Best 12 Archery Tattoos That’ll Impress You

Bows and arrows are increasingly in great fashion as body art, as Archery is rising in popularity worldwide. Still, tattoos based on archery were common for a long time. The arrow is one of the oldest technological features in the history and is familiar to every civilization on earth. Something needs to be said to demonstrate the defining humanity symbol on your arm.

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In plain black ink you might see archery tattoos like this:

Meanings and Symbols of Arrows and Bows Tattoos

Bows and arrows may have a different definition by individuals. For certain cultures, Sagittarius, one of the zodiac signs, represents bows and arrows. A bow and arrow can symbolize power and force or a sense of direction, without looking back. You step forward.

There are arrows on recent famous tattoo designs. The arrow has various symbolic significances, ranging from masculine strength and battle to love. A broken arrow symbolizes peace historically, and crossed arrows symbolize friendship.

Another famous tattoo arrow often referred to as “Indian-style arrows,” typically features beautiful black ornate feathers.

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A small number of archers like the Olympians make another form of archery tattoos common. Athletes in their nation are usually tattooed for the Olympic rings at the Olympic Games. This is one of the proudest times in the personal history of the archer.

Olympic archers also have tattoos on their forearm outside so you can see them as they shoot!

In the five Olympics, Khatuna Lorig (below) was the recipient of the bronze medal in Barcelona in 1992, plus two for Team USA in 2008 and 2012. On her right arm, she’s got a full-color Olympic ring kit. Will she be back in 2020 at the 6th Tokyo Olympics?

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