Behold These Small Tattoos That Mean Big Things

It is not important to spread a deep message from all tattoos. Here’s a couple of our favorite tattoos filled with great significance!

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Often when a person tries to put a micro tattoo on his finger or wrist. That is rejected simply as a “trend tattoo.” Many chose to decorate their bodies with simplistic, meaningful designs by increasing their success within the tattoo arena.

Regardless of your purpose to design your small tattoos, you have no limitations to what you can symbolize except with the smallest and least designs. Often the true extent of the talents of an artist lies within the skill. It may use a single symbol to convey complex concepts, by stripping visuals to their heart.

Behold These Small Tattoos That Mean Big Things

1. Three Dots Tattoo

Tattoos with three successive dots, otherwise known as ‘ellipsis,’ are a common choice for a small yet significant tattoo. Ellipsis is used to show that the expression is not complete. This simplified style has been used by many to point out a continuing concept, an unfinished path, or a gradual change of mind or idea.

2. Cross Tattoos

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For obvious reasons, cross tattoo is often regarded as a Christian emblem and one of the common motives is the representation of one’s religious beliefs or spirituality. Cross tattoo is not likely to ever waver in popularity because of the profound sense of sacrifice, unconditional charism, and sin forgiveness.

3. Unalome Designs

The path to ascension and spiritual liberation in the Buddhist tradition is a special tattoo. These tiny tattoos have a profound significance and are a beautiful depiction of the random twists and turns of life, the changes of life that eventually lead to our highest selves.

Scroll down for more small tattoos such as Wave and Ocean, Sun and Moon Duo, etc.

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