Being Creative with This Easy DIY Paper Lamp Shade

If you are a person who has a great desire for DIY items, you cannot miss this post. We are about to show you how to make a paper lamp shade only with super cheap material – decorative paper. They include wrapping paper, wallpaper, or a colored print.

What Will You Need?

Before crafting, you will need to prepare some items. You can buy these items above at any shop for crafting:

  • A paper or parchment lamp shade
  • Any kind of decorative paper
  • Ribbon, bias tape, or other trim for the edges
  • Spray adhesive
  • Glue
  • Kraft paper
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Clothespins

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Make a DIY Paper Lamp Shade Easily with These Guides

After well preparing for your paper lamp shade, it’s time now to make a beautiful and decorative one for your house.

1. Roll your shade across a large piece of kraft paper to create a template and mark the lines at the same time. (Tip: Mark on the lamp shade (or depend on the seam on it) to make sure you have drawn a full rotation.)

2. Cut out the paper to get your template. Remember not to over cut the template (leave at least an inch of extra paper on each side.)

3. Wrap the template around the lamp shade to check whether it is large enough.

4. Use the template to draw the outlines on the back side of the decorative paper and cut it out.

5. Apply a light coating of adhesive on the back side of the decorative paper and the shade. Don’t apply too much because it will make it harder to wrap.

6. Wrap the paper around the shade. Carefully smooth it down with light pressure. Because the spray adhesive is quick dry, so be careful with your paper lamp shade!

7. Apply a little bit of glue to stick the edge firmly.

8. Use a craft knife to trim overhangs if any.

 9. Carefully use a strip of ribbon, bias tape, or other trim for the edges to cover the top and bottom.

10. Keep it firm with clothespins!

Your paper lamp shade is ready to use when the glue has dried.

As you can see, making a DIY lamp shade is not really difficult and you can make it. Try this idea with other patterns and details. Wish you luck!

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