Best 4th Of July Nail Ideas To Celebrate The Biggest Festival In The World

Celebrate one of the best holidays in America by getting some 4th of July nail arts. Show the world that you are ready for some American holiday spirit. Maybe you have prepared a mismatch decoration, a delicious menu, your music playlist is on set, your outfit is on point, all you need is a festive manicure! This holiday not only has fireworks and barbecues party, but also the upgraded nail art to celebrate. You should get into the spirit right now!

With the combination polish of red, white, and blue as in the American flag, we can see easily that the 4th of July is getting closer. Here we have some of the best designs only for you.

Star Manicure

Yes, what can best describe your love for your country? The symbol from your national flag. Get a holiday spirit by having 4th of July star nail right now.

4th Of July Nail Ideas: Patriotic

Keep it simple is everything, the best way to show the love to the country by getting your manicure done today with those alternating like red, white, blue, and do it with different shapes and designs to make it special.


What can be amazing for a festive season than having your nail shine bright and be a spotlight anywhere you go. You can do with the flag color, it’s all good.

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4th Of July Nail Ideas: Stripe

As in the national flag, we also have a stripe on it, so why don’t you portrait your love about your town and trust me, the stripe is not simple, it’s amazing.

Tie-Dye Design

Don’t you think tie-dye designs are only appeared on a t-shirt? No, trust me, this idea maybe is the most American style that you ever have. Create a radiant effect on your nail by having a tie-dye nail now.

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