Best Cat Eye Makeup Ideas That Give You A Gorgeous Look

Nevertheless, this eye cat makeup is becoming more and more trendy recently and there are various styles of it that many beauty gurus are fond of. This eye makeup is fabulous and once you try it, there is no way you could resist it. The liner and the thickness may excite you so badly you might want to go to the beauty store to have your own liner and try it as fast as possible.

Since it is so famous, we would like to make some suggestions about different looks of cat eye makeup that you should try to have the boldest look.

Cat-Eye-Makeup-Glitter2-1 Best Cat Eye Makeup Ideas That Give You A Gorgeous Look

Smokey Cat Eye

Smoke eyeshadow and cat eyeliner are a perfect combination to try! It makes your eyes have vibrant and become the sexiest girl in every party. Once you have it, everyone will be allured of your beautiful eyes.

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Glitter Cat Eye

Using glitter as a new material to have this makeup is the boldest choice. This style suggests you should fire up your eye by having a line of glitter in the upper edge. The look is perfect for party season and it will shine brighter than ever.

Thin Cat Eye

This style is simple yet easy to do it but it brings a sexy and attractive look. In this style, let the eyeshadow do the job with lots of different shade to make your eyes pop.

60s-inspired Cat Eye

Let’s not forget the blow up in the 1960s with lots of makeup trend that still appear these days, and the eyeliner style should bring that also. This retro trend will never out of date but it is hard to learn so consider it and all the hard works will be paid off.

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Classic Cat Eye

Maybe you are a beginner and just want to be basic, then just draw a thin line from the inside corner from top to the end of your lash, make it thicker at the end and try to have triangle shape and you will have a perfect eye makeup.

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