Best Clock Tattoo Designs Prove That Time Is Money

Clock tattoo should add to your ideal tattoo list to try. The clock represents time, and people always say time is money, that time is the most valuable things that we should receive gratitude. There are multiple ideas when we are talking about time, it’s valuable and we should not waste any second of it. Since the clock has lots of meaning, so why not inked it to the body? To follow up on the demand, many tattoo artists sure know how to create a clock into a masterpiece.

If you are looking for a new style and need to have time management skills, maybe this could be your option. Let’s lookup for some clock tattoo below.

Special2 Best Clock Tattoo Designs Prove That Time Is Money

Focus on the Details

The details are always amazing and mesmerizing to see. This clock tattoos sure to take your breath away. Imagine the tattoo with details from the number to the time pointer, it is extremely glamorous.

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Clock Tattoo Designs with Rose

Do you think clock tattoo only suit with men? To add the rose element with this, it can be so beautiful and allure which is special for women. The combination will create a soft and elegant look for you.

3D Clock

To appear as there is truly a clock inside your body, get a 3D tattoo. This is proved that time is very important to you and it is illusional to see.

Clock Tattoo Designs: Pocket Watch

Pocket watch shows the luxurious from the upper-class community from the 18th century. Time to bring it back and have it on your body.

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Special Time

It could be the time that you were born or time for a special event of your life. The time that you meet the love of your life or the time that you achieve something huge, all of that you can have it inked to your body. Remind a special time with a tattoo will be more special.

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