Best Collarbone Tattoo Designs That Will Make You Say Wow

Since it is 2020 now, people can easily accept tattoo and it becomes a huge trend now. People want to have something that along with them forever, then the tattoo will be the best option. Collarbone tattoo never gets old for the idea and inspiration. This place is the common area for everyone to get the tattoo which is not so revealed. Even though it may hurt, but that won’t stop any tattoo lovers from getting that inked forever on their body.

Collarbone tattoo is famous and the hardest part besides the pain is choosing the designs. However, we can help you to choose some of the most famous designs right here. Check it out!

Collarbone-Tattoo-cover-1 Best Collarbone Tattoo Designs That Will Make You Say Wow


It could be a word or a whole phrase, choose your favorite quote or word that represents yourself or something to remind you along for the rest of your life. Having this tattoo to your collarbone will be something special.

Collarbone Tattoo Designs: Symbolic Designs

There are tons of symbols which represent lots of beautiful meaning. Let’s look it upon thousands of websites that may help you choose. From Aztec to tribal designs, or just small meaning one will be the best for you.

Dots and Line

A fine line of dots with minimalist design may suit you and it makes you become more elegant. Since it is minimalist, it is easy to cover it with a shirt or scarf. But who cares? Let’s just show it!

Collarbone Tattoo Designs: Flowers

This tattoo is very popular and beautiful if it inked on your collarbone. You can choose any flower you want like roses, daisy, or even a whole bouquet or small bunch of lavender.

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The Galaxy

What can be the best area to capture a whole galaxy? The collarbone. You can have constellation, planets, or our mother Earth. With watercolor designs, it will be beautiful and fascinating.

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