Best Daisy Tattoo Designs You Must Have to Start an Early Winter

Daisy is one of human history’s most beloved flowers. Thus, it is not shocking that daisies are common choices for modern tattoos with symbolism from ancient Celtic legends and northern mythology. As we know, flowers have a language and remarkable beauty of their own. A tattoo is a perfect way to connect with the world and express yourself.

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In bouquets, you will usually find daisies, which symbolize elegance, passion, and new beginnings. The daisy may just be the best match for you if you consider a flower tattoo.

The Hidden Meanings of Different Daisies

Daisies come in some different colors and depending on the one you choose the significance may change. People gave daisies and other flowers as a means of communicating.

Each color had its own significance. Each daisy tattoo has its own influence, whether it was expressing unfailing love, friendship, or wishing someone luck.

  • White – Cleanness and innocence
  • Yellow – imaginative and welcoming.
  • Green – Wise
  • Strong and brave Red Red
  • Responsible Orange
  • Blue – softness, and emotion

Additionally, this vibrant symbolism has undoubtedly been used in real life. White daisies, for example, are a pure sign and are usually found in marriage bouquets. White daisies are in Christianity a symbol of the chastity and virtue of the Virgin Mary.

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Moreover, blue daisy tattoo can represent your heart on your sleeve if you see yourself as a sensitive and emotional person. On the other hand, the artistic side and brilliance are seen with a yellow daisy tattoo. Make sure it means anything to you, no matter what color you pick.

Scroll down for more pics of daisy tattoo.

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