Best Flames Tattoo Designs – Meaning and Ideas

Flames Tattoo symbolizes destruction and passion as a natural aspect. The picture of the fire speaks of hidden knowledge in a candle or torch. Fire photos as the fire are packed with inner energy. The collection of this tattoo sketch tells of the flame which is burning in the soul.

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Meanings of fire and flame

Fire – the everlasting aspect surrounding man’s life, the source of daily energy and flames of hell, where the sinner’s soul is burnt. Tattoo fire’s basic meaning: destruction, passion, renaissance, secret knowledge.


The uncontrollable element of fire. Like a fire that heats the fire, it’s a good beginning; a source of light and heat. Likewise, it symbolizes the unrestrained destruction with its image of ” wild ” natural fire. The flame a man subdued and limited in reach, the light and warmth, comfort, and hope. Fire, fire, flames.

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Passion Passion

The image of the heart hugs the fire – a sign that can be interpreted as intolerable mental anguish, or the eternal burning and allegiance to its ideals. Light soul, warm heart, and cheeks – all these phrases are immediately clear, even if the concept is quite abstract and impossible.


Both evil and alien life are burned by fire. Free place for a new life from evil cleansing flames.

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