Best House Plants to Repel Unwanted Insects in Your Living Area

If you’re reading this article intentionally, you might be having trouble in hateful insects but don’t want to use an insecticide to chase them away because it is harmful to the environment and your health. So, growing bug fighting plants is your best bet. Dear those who love to grow plants inside the house and hate the presence of unwanted insects, these best house plants below will meet your need to repel them out of your house. Besides that, these plants are suitable to use as beautiful, lovely decoration items.

Well, if you’re ready to find which plant is good to repel insects, let take a look at our garden with the best house plants to repel insects before having a trip to any florist’s.

Best House Plants – Basil

Basil is good at repelling insects such as flies and mosquitoes in your house. It is easy to grow in containers by your windows or kitchen area. Furthermore, this green plant is popular in various salads and soups.

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Although we usually see it grown around the house, it’s also an ornamental that can grow up indoor without any difficulties. Its fragrant leaves can be used to flavor soups and salad dressing or eliminate the unpleasant smell of chicken and pork.

Lemon Thyme

This tiny plant is easy to grow in sunny areas like near the window. The best way to use lemon thyme as a natural insecticide is to rub the leaves between your hands. However, for those who have sensitive skin, you should try a few leaves to check the impact of them on your skin. It’s also an ingredient in several recipes including poultry, seafood, salad, marinades, soups, and sauces.


Among these best house plants to repel insects, this might be the most popular plant for you. It appears in several different meals and drinks as an ingredient or a lovely garnish. To get it to work, you can combine with apple cider vinegar and cheap vodka to make a mosquito-prevention spray.

Best House Plants – Rosemary

This small tree needs a lot of care and sunlight to grow but its odor is much excellent to smell. Instead of planting in pots or containers, you can also cut its branches and hang them to spread the fragrance over the room. In addition, due to its strong smell, you can use it to effectively deodorize the unpleasant odor in the refrigerator.

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Like rosemary, sage has a strong smell that keeps insects away and can grow in planters during the year. Besides, it goes well with pork, beef, and poultry recipes that make the meal more attractive and unforgettable.

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