Best ideas for thigh tattoo for women in 2020

1. Thigh tattoo – Butterfly tattoo

A butterfly is a representative of freedom and femininity. Getting an eye-catching butterfly tattoo on the thigh is a way of showing your own color and attractiveness. There are a lot of options for you such as traditional, colorful, and realistic designs. And if you are a person chasing the beauty of plants and animals, you can go for flower and butterfly ideas.

2. Sunflower tattoo

When it comes to sunflowers, people immediately think of something positive such as happiness, longevity, love, and loyalty. They look bright and bring energy to us. Many people have chosen sunflower as the inspiration for their tattoos, and you can consider having one.

3. Rose tattoo

There is nothing better than rose to represent love and romance.  In addition, secrecy and confidentiality are something associated with this type of flower. Since a long time ago rose beauty has been considered as the inspiration for tattoos. So, if you have never got rose tattoo before, let’s try to have it.

4. Snake tattoo

For snake tattoos, fertility, charm, danger and sexual energy can be seen through it. In addition, we can imagine rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing when you look at a snake tattoo. 

5. Thigh tattoo – Tiger tattoo

Tiger is symbol of power, energy as well as wisdom. So, if you are looking for something to emphasize your strength, courage and sometimes mystery and intelligence, why don’t you try to get it as your thigh tattoo.

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