Best Phoenix Tattoo Ideas That Will Rise The Flame In You

Phoenix is famous in various cultures and mythology as an animal that rises up from the ashes, this imaginary bird is the symbol of rising up and become stronger than ever. Furthermore, Phoenix is becoming a huge inspiration for the tattoo as well. The phoenix tattoo is gorgeous and magnificent with strong meaning that could be your next idea in your body.

You can add phoenix tattoo anywhere in your body with any size, select this rising tattoo that suits you and have it inked today.

Fiery Watercolor

Portrait the flame and rise up from the dust of the phoenix in many mythologies by having watercolor-style ink on you. This idea will fire up the spirit in you and it looks just beautiful.

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Phoenix Tattoo Ideas: Tribal Style

This majestic idea represents being born anew and rising to gain your true power. Anyone, especially men, will love this tattoo since it is styled with tribal designs, it may seem simple but highly detailed.

Baby Phoenix

Don’t want to add too much and make it easy to cover up? This simple yet small phoenix tattoo may help you. And this tattoo may perfect for girls. Let’s paint your body with a minimalist phoenix that still represents power and add a little bit of loveliness.

Back Tattoo

The best way to have a fully strong phoenix is inked it from the back. Moreover, his area can bring the whole magnificent phoenix drawing and capture its beauty. The idea is popular in the tattoo world.


Phoenix Tattoo Ideas: Japanese Style

People always think phoenix came from Greek and Roman mythology but the truth is Japan also has phoenix as their culture. Phoenix combines with cherry blossoms or ninjas can create a beautiful picture for you.

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