Best Smokey Eye Tips and Tricks For Beginner To Apply

Smokey eye is making a huge influence in the beauty world, from celebrity to beauty guru, everyone is excited to try this look. Anyone who masters this eye makeup should be considered as an achievement. Even though this is hard, but it holds a special place in our hearts.

Lots of people want to try this eye makeup since it is so popular, but not everyone can do it in the first attempt, so to have a perfect smokey eye, here are some tips and tricks for you as a beginner.

cover-photo-Smokey-Eye-Perfect1 Best Smokey Eye Tips and Tricks For Beginner To Apply

Choose The Right Brush

Don’t think all brushes are the same, this is a rookie mistake. For this tip, you should go with a small, flat brush to apply the eyeshadow easier so that the layer of color isn’t too tense.

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Smokey Eye Tips and Tricks : Consider Your Shape

It doesn’t only have one shape, especially not all eyes are the same. If you go with the wrong shape, it could be a failure for you. So, when you search the tutorial on YouTube, make sure to choose a person has the same eye shapes as you.

Try Different Colors And Textures

Black, gray, and brown are the basic choice for you, but don’t you want to break out of your safe zone? Try pink, gold, or violet shade for a magnificent pop on your eyes.

Smokey Eye Tips and Tricks: Use Eye Pencil For Base

Mirna Jose, a Paris Pro Artist from L’Oréal, suggests that you should have the base by using black eyeliner and then smudge the pencil all over the lid. In this way, you can intensify your eye and it will be attractive and beautiful.

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Don’t Try To Be Perfect

It’s OK to make a mistake in the first place and set a high standard for your first attempt. Don’t give up and start doing again, and eventually, you will have the perfect smokey eye.

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