Best Studio Ghibli Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Get Inked

Ghibli Studio makes some of the most stunning and captivating films, which these 10 tattoo artists have designed for the famous characters in the films. They make lasting tributes.

Studio Ghibli is known for making animated high-quality movies like no other. They have a large range of loyal fans from animation to fantasy, their films such as Spirited Away, Ponyo, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, and many others.

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In terms of tattoos, Ghibli films are very common in places and characters. Ten examples of great Studio Ghibli Tattoos are given here. See the ties with the talented tattoo artists who have created them because of the more cool tattoo designs they have on galleries.

1. No-Face

No-Face is a secondary Spirited Away adversary and Ghibli fandom is well-liked. Unlike some other spirits in the film, his design is not only from Japanese folklore but also from director Hayao Miazaki. He begins as a little frightening, but ultimately becomes the protagonist’s peaceful friend.

The Australian artist Carly created this tattoo. She did a number of other tattoos inspired by the moon and Cardcaptor Sakura characters.

2. Ponyo Trio – Studio Ghibli Tattoos

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Ponyo is a delightful tale of a fish who becomes a child. These 3 models of fish make lovely tattoos of little ankles! Not only fans of the film, but also lovers of the sea, the seas, and swimming, are welcome to make this choice.

3. Howl’s Moving Castle

Not only fans of the film, but also lovers of the sea, the seas, and swimming, are welcome to make this choice.

Howl’s castle is giant and takes a great deal of detail to complete for an artist, so this piece is very impressive. The film, Howls Moving Castle, is a favorite of many anime enthusiasts and is based on a similar novel. Howl, the beautiful sorcerer, lives in this lovely castle. Surely this is not something you see on a regular basis.

The artist actually took a long time to do this piece, so look at his other works! Sasha Masiuk is the talented artist behind the tattoo.

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