Best Trendy Yet Simple Tattoos 2020

Simple is the best. A simple tattoo is amazing since it brings so many stories and meanings. The design of these tattoos do not have to be small, it just simply tattoos without adding too much detail or do not have too many colors. Nothing is better than simplicity, and these simple tattoo designs can help you to decide your tattoos easier.

Single Line

Single line tattoos bring simplicity to a whole new level. It is wonderful that tattoo artists can design from an unbroken line to a picture that is fascinating to see. It is simple yet mesmerizing.

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Simple tattoo designs: Astrological Sign

Want to get something that can represent yourself? Maybe a little bit from the sky may look good on you. These tattoo designs are simple yet easy to get, and this astrological tattoo can be your own symbol.

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Arrow represents for defense and protection. It also means to move forward or start a goal. Whatever it is, this simple design tattoo has a lot of meaning, since you can have a different type of direction or ways to pull this up.


Think about a word or a phrase that you like or the name of someone you love like your family or your pet. Then have a small design inked to your body may also be a good choice. However, you should think carefully before you go for the name of your partner, be careful.

Simple tattoos: Music Note

Music is the universal language, and as a music lover, you cannot miss this one. A music note tattoo can be placed anywhere in your body, simple but it brings the symphony to you.

Roman Numbers

These simple yet delicate tattoos can represent a special date like your birthday or a special event that you want to cherish forever, then these simple ancient numbers are beautiful and could be a start for your tattoo collection. 

Simple tattoos: Infinity Symbol

“To infinity and beyond” – Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story brought a classic quote for us and the idea of getting an infinity symbol tattoo is often a top choice for those who just start having a tattoo. The design is simple yet it can be big or as small as you like.

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