Best Ways to Match your Eyeshadow Color with Your Sign

If you are one of us, believing that colors have a great impact on our moods. Then, pretty much high chance you also have trust in your zodiac sign. Why not combine all of those elements and let your makeup look tell who you are. Below, we rounded up the best ways that you can match your eyeshadow color with your zodiac sign.

1. Eyeshadow Color – ARIES

For the sake of a gorgeous sunset effect, Aries babies should combine Radiant Ruby with the Precious Lava shade for your eyeshadow color.


The Taurus, who knows a beauty product, and when they see it, they’ll be able to get miles away. That’s definitely the feeling you get from this earthy bronze light hue, one that can be worn gently or bumped up.


Gemini is known for their twinkling in their hair. Lay it down with a Pearls string (which, yeah, looks like what it sounds) for extra brilliance. It’s worth it – and you know it.

4. Eyeshadow Color – CANCER

Cancers are known for their bright appearances in general, so wear it alone for publicity or pair it for even higher prize glamor with the crazy glam shade of the Crystal Shine. Nobody could dim your light.

5. LEO

A Leo cannot miss L’Oreal Paris Brilliant Eyes Liquid Eye Shadow in Crown Gold to create a shimmering yellow eye shadow, I give you my words.


Nature-loved Virgins are not known for doing anything, but they also love your little make-up moments. (You earth signs are too practical).

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7. Eyeshadow Color – LIBRA

We love the L’Oreal Paris Brilliant Eyes Shimmer Liquid Eye Shadow in Crystal Shine for a pink shade.


Scorpios are here for exclusive and seductive looks, and the Rose Gem shadow offers the rose-nude feel.

9. Eyeshadow Color – SAGITTARIUS

Sagittarius is the travelaholic, which matches perfectly with golden honey shades.


With the features of “mature” and “subtle”, brownish shades will be the perfect choice for this zodiac sign.


It’s all about natural when it comes to Aquarius.

12. Eyeshadow Color – PISCES

Pisces is just so unique with purple.

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