Blackwork Tattoos and Their Origins, Styles, and Artists

Blackwork tattoos have now become a non-stop force in the industry, identifiable as a result of their lack of bright chroma tones and tints of grey. But believe it or not, it is not a new trend to have all black fills and designs. Currently, it’s older than the American tradition. In this post, we discuss tradition, contemporary styles, and artists mastering Blackwork tattoos.

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Origins and Artists of Blackwork Tattoos

Although Blackwork tattoos are different, the roots of the style lie in the old tribal tattoos. Polynesian pieces are especially influential in their style and are known for their sometimes abstractive designs created from shapes and swirls of broad black tint. They were defensive of nature, and totally sacred.

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In the field of dark art, blackwork tattoo artists tend to follow an illustrious approach that gathers inspiration from gravure and gravure. Esoteric, alchemic, and another hermetic arcane iconography typically inform dark art tattoos. Take the tattoo artist Sasha Woland’s job for example. A style that recalls most of the fine artists including Gustave Dore, Albrecht Durer, Julio Ruelas, and Francisco Goya, Tarot cards, reapers, knives, sigils, and demons combine her portfolio.

Different styles that you may be into

When viewing works side by side, the links are both materials, technological, and philosophical. Alexander Grim, Kelly Violet, and Jack Ankersen are other Blackwork tattoos that work in a similar style.

The choices of the Blackwork Tattoo are almost infinite, as such are a wide variety of esthetic and personal approaches. The way in which black ink pops on every color of skin and the fact that it ages extremely well makes it adaptable to any design or idea thanks to its simple clarity in design. The Blackwork tattos is tried and true because it is infused with the techniques of ancients times.

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