Bring The Cuteness Overloaded With The Cute Short Nails

Nail-Inspo and #nailfies aren’t all about the long extensions we all see on social media and long natural nails! You can also wear super cute and on-trend nail art, and you can have cute short nails.

Ahead, here are some of the cute short nails just for you. Take a look at those ideas and designs right below.

cute-short-nails-cover Bring The Cuteness Overloaded With The Cute Short Nails

The Perks Of Having Short Nails

Although we love the confidence boost that comes with a fresh collection of fashionable nails, some of the disadvantages these trendy long nails have are not nuts. It makes typing, picking up coins, placing glasses, and clasping a necklace pretty hard to do, as anyone who has worn this sort of long nail will tell you.

Recently, we’ve seen suuuuper long nails all over-Instagram, the red carpet, celebrities like Billie Eilish, Rosalia, and Khloe Kardashian — you get the idea. But the short question: how do you really do something with those nails? How are you texting? Is it possible to type an email? How can we pick up our contacts? Seriously though, IMO, it’s way too difficult for long nails. That’s why, with nail art designs, we go for cute short nails and you should too.

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The Cute Designs For Short Nails

Luckily for those of us who want to see our fingers completely used, there are still some pretty nice and trendy short nail designs out there. The length of your acrylics can be downsized, or you can just accept your natural nail length. After all, if your nails need a little TLC, one of the recommended ways to keep your nails safe and happy is to prioritize nail health over nail length.

These are the best short nails to try for your next manicure, whether you’re looking for the perfect nail design for your finger or painting your nails with a drugstore polish.

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