Bring The Elegant Body Art With The Most Beautiful Daisy Tattoo Designs

In 2020, daisy has been a huge phenomenon in the world, especially among ladies. Since daisy is becoming more and more popular, many people take this as an inspiration for a tattoo, so daisy tattoo designs are coming back bigger than ever. However, daisy has been everyone’s favorite in a long time ago, with their beauty and meaning. Beside other flowers like rose or cherry blossom, this flower also holds a special place in many art inspirations, especially tattoo

daisy-tattoo19-1 Bring The Elegant Body Art With The Most Beautiful Daisy Tattoo Designs

The Symbolic History of Daisy

For a long time ago, daisy holds a rich ancient history and regarded as a symbol in many religions and countries. Daisies belong to the family of Asteraceae flowering plants and are at least 4000 years old. In Roman mythology, the nymph “Besides” was dancing in a vast array of orchards and converted herself into a daisy flower with a motive to get escaped from the constant eye of the orchard god “Vertumnus”.

Also, in the Christian region, many Christians have linked the flower to the pure and innocent soul of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. Furthermore, its symbolic history also in ancient Celtic legends and Norse mythology. So it’s no wonder that daisy is a popular choice among modern tattoo designs.

daisy-tattoo35 Bring The Elegant Body Art With The Most Beautiful Daisy Tattoo Designs

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The Meaning of Daisy Tattoo Designs

The daisy itself can hold lots of meaning, and so does its tattoo designs. It is a symbol of happiness, sunshine, joy, light, cheer, feminity, beauty, emotion, and love. The tattoo wearer can have their own meaning when having the design in their body. With different sizes, colors, and types of body art. Even each color of the flower itself can have its own meaning. For example, white is for purity, yellow for sunshine, and so on.

Since daisy tattoo designs are widely common and the imagination is unlimited, so you may confuse which one you could choose. Then here are some beautiful ideas for you to add to your own tattoo list.

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