Burgundy Balayage Is The “Cool” Hair Color This Autumn

by Hong Diep
bright burgundy balayage highlights

Burgundy Balayage Is The “Cool” Hair Color This Autumn: Here Are 25 Stunning Ways to Get It

The opulent shade of burgundy balayage flows gracefully, reminiscent of a river of fine red wine, adorning many hairstyles. Tamara Jones, the maestro behind this color, graciously shares her expert insights on this captivating trend.

Finding Your Perfect Match

“Reds are a fascinating spectrum of colors,” Tamara begins. Your skin tone does indeed influence how the hue will complement your look. Deeper skin tones harmonize beautifully with the richer violet-burgundy shades. Lighter skin tones allow the less violet-toned hues to radiate. However, it’s crucial to remember that there are exceptions to these guidelines. Lighter skin can dazzle with violet burgundy, while deeper tones may captivate with less violet nuances.

Caring for Your Burgundy Balayage

Tamara offers invaluable advice for maintaining your beautiful burgundy balayage. “Opt for a color-protecting shampoo,” she recommends. Some top choices include Kevin Murphy’s Everlasting Color Wash and R&Co Gemstone Shampoo. Avoid washing your hair with hot water as it can compromise the color. Aim to wash it just once or twice a week.

A reliable dry shampoo is a must. Tamara’s favorites include Kevin Murphy’s Fresh Hair, Moroccan Oil’s Dry Shampoo, and R&Co’s Spiritualized. Your lifestyle factors into your hair care routine. If you swim daily, spend a lot of time in the sun, or wash your hair frequently, consider the extra maintenance required.

Keep in mind that burgundy can fade in the sun, especially during the summer months. Using the products recommended by your stylist can help slow down this fading process. Rest assured, with a little tender loving care, your burgundy balayage can remain striking between appointments. Expect touch-ups every 6-8 weeks, and consider using a gloss to maintain that vibrant look.

Choosing Your Shade with Your Stylist

Selecting the perfect burgundy shade is a collaborative process involving both you and your stylist. Tamara emphasizes, “When choosing a burgundy tone, I consistently hold a color swatch against my client’s skin.” Your skin tone and eye color play crucial roles in determining your ideal shade of red. It’s important to note that the further you venture from your natural base color, the more noticeable regrowth can become. Therefore, engaging in a conversation with your stylist, comparing swatches, and exploring whether burgundy balayage suits you is highly advisable.

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