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Candy Corn Nail Designs For A Sweet And Delightful Halloween

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You may be too old to be trick-or-treated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a couple of candy. Just three horizontal stripes can be drawn to recreate Halloween‘s most popular dessert. And to give you the most delight toothache, some candy corn nail designs are here to help.

With all sorts of Halloween themed manicures, take FULL advantage of the spooky season. Here are several candy corn nail designs for your spirit during this holiday.

Halloween Trick Or Treat

Divisive as it is, Halloween says nothing quite like candy corn. Of course, if you’re at the people’s camp who actually like candy maize, you don’t have to demonstrate your love for it just by eating it. You can also give your teeth and digestive system a tiny break instead of loading up on the sugary, tri-colored candy by wearing a fun, impressive candy corn manicure.

The best thing is that, as long as you have some orange, white, and yellow nail polish on hand, there is no right or wrong way to do it. If you want your candy (corn) on, but need some inspiration from nail painting, read ahead to check out some of our favorite manicures for candy corn.

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Candy Corn Nail Designs

Let’s decorate our Halloween nails with Halloween simple candy corn nail art. Yeah, We love sweet corn, and it’s not going to hurt our teeth. You can design your own candy corn nail art in no time, with only a few colors and a little patience! If you like, you can mix and match colors, add tiny hand-drawn accents, or even a smiley face. The trick is only to use the right colors and to take your time before adding another color to let each nail color layer dry.

For a fun and easy candy corn look, you can paint basic stripes or you can make each nail a little different for a unique look. You should add a black nail polish pen and add in a touch of doodling.



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