Celebrity Tattoo: A Guideline To Rihanna Tattoo Designs Collection

Rihanna, a beautiful 30 years old singer, is one of the most famous celebrities in the US. But we are not here to talk about her popularity because it is a true fact and everybody knows that. We are here to give you the beauty of body ink: Rihanna tattoo. Besides being a well-known artist and like other stars, she also was known as an inspiration for tattoo designs.

Not only she was crazy about music, but also in tattoo design as well, and her body ink looks absolutely fabulous. Let’s have a look at some of the best Rihanna tattoo designs.

Rihanna-Tattoo-cover Celebrity Tattoo: A Guideline To Rihanna Tattoo Designs Collection

The Stars

It is easy to spot her constellation from her neck and straight down with a beautiful line to her back. With only a few stars with different style, but it creates a radiant which is mesmerizing to see.

Rihanna Tattoo: Tribal Design

Who knows a lady like Rihanna is also fond of a tribal tattoo. It is a fact, she said from an interview that tribal represents strength and love. However, she also confessed that it is hurt as “hell”. But as you can see, it is beautiful and worth the pain.

The Goddess Isis

This tattoo places under her chest, and it is absolutely gorgeous. The Egyptian Goddess Isis with her wingspan, with the meaning of the ideal mother and wife. This tattoo is a memorial to her beloved grandmother.

Rihanna Tattoo: Lettering

Like any other tattoo lovers, Rihanna also owns herself lots of quotes tattoo on her body. There are many famous tattoos such as “rebelle fleur” is “rebel flower” or “Never a Failure Always a Lesson” motto quote for herself.

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Music Notes

As a music lover like Rihanna, then you cannot miss this tattoo. This is designed for her love for music and she got it back in 2006, to show her dedication to this music industry.

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