Christmas Nail Designs To Celebrate The Cold Season

When Thanksgiving arrives, the general message seems to be that more is more but, especially with holiday nail ideas, that’s not always accurate. Although sculpted Santas, over-the-top glitter, and red and green all could bring to mind Christmas nail designs. There are actually plenty of subtle options available to show your spirit in style.

So stock up on all the holiday colors, and use some of these Christmas nail designs to try your hand.

christmas-nail-designs-cover- Christmas Nail Designs To Celebrate The Cold Season

Dear All, Christmas Is Coming

Christmas is one of the most memorable times of the year, which is why a fabulously festive manicure is the ideal excuse to treat yourself to it. There’s a wide range of gorgeous Christmas nail designs to help you catch the holiday spirit. Whether you’re inspired by adorable winter animals, Santa, and his elves, or the classic colors of Christmas. Just imagine when you open your gifts, how amazing your fingertips would look!

There are plenty of ways to get into the spirit of the holiday. Like watching the best Christmas movies repeatedly, singing Christmas songs (also repeatedly!), and decorating the nines in your home, to name a few. And in the ugliest of hideous Christmas sweaters and a Santa hat, sharing images on social media? You’re talking now! But there’s another next-level accessory to consider when you really want to shine; the most festive Christmas nail art. If you’re inside, lift your well-manicured hand!

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The Festive Christmas Nail Designs

There’s really no wrong way to have your nails ready for the holidays, but we’ve rounded up some of our picks. If you’re having a hard time deciding on what manicure to get in those jovial last few weeks of the year.

By bringing your cherry red, rich oxblood, and creamy ivory nail color to jolly new heights, get your fingers ready to celebrate Christmas. A classic shade speckled with boughs of holly, mistletoe, and wreaths just look perfect for Hallmark-binging Romantics. A cozy plaid print will provide your nails with a merry makeover for cocoa-clutching carolers. By DIY-ing one of these designs, you can test your own manicure skills or follow our lead by taking all these ideas to your nail salon as inspiration.

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