Cleaning Green! DIY Furniture Polish – Vanilla Orange Scent

Cleaning Green! DIY Furniture Polish – Vanilla Orange Scent

If you have pets, you know how important it is to use gentle and all natural cleaners in your home. Using products that are chemical free & safe for your pet are the best way to keep your home its freshest. Cleaning Green is not a fad it is a necessity. If you are not sure where to find such products, why don’t you try making your own? Take a look below at how to make your own Vanilla Orange Furniture Polish and start 2014 off cleaning green.

This furniture polish not only smells amazing, but it cleans great too without harsh fumes and chemicals. This furniture polish is safe and non toxic because it is made from items you can find in your pantry! Take a peek!

Cleaning Green! Vanilla Orange Furniture Polish

Supplied needed:
Bottle with lid
1 cup of light olive oil
1 medium sized orange
Vanilla extract or dried vanilla bean

If you wish to make a larger batch now so that you are ready to start the New Year off Cleaning Green, you can always double this recipe to suit your needs.

1. Begin by pouring the olive oil into your bottle.
2. Cut your orange into quarters. Squeeze the juice into a bowl and set the peels aside. You can then use a funnel to pour the orange juice into the bottle.
3. Take your orange peels and slice them into long strips. Add them to the bottle, pressing them down so they are fully submerged in the oil.
4. Finally, add 2-3 drops of vanilla extract or 1 teaspoon of dried and crushed vanilla bean.
5. Allow the mixture to sit anywhere from a few hours to a few days. The longer you allow it to sit, the longer the oils in the peels will have to release.

To use your polish, simply shake the bottle well and apply some of the liquid to a soft cloth. Before doing the entire piece of furniture (hard and non-porous surfaces only) test a small patch. Rub the oil onto your furniture in a circular motion and wipe clean with a dry cloth. This product will moisturize your wood, clean away dirt and debris, and leave a fresh citrus and vanilla sent. Plus, it will do all of this chemical free!

Give this simple recipe for Cleaning Green with DIY Furniture Polish a try and see how easy it is to get clean using less chemicals and less cash!

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