Cool Inner Lip Tattoos Ideas (2021) Pain, Healing and Cost

Cool Inner Lip Tattoos Ideas (2021) Pain, Healing and Cost

Lip tattoos are a bold decision to go after. Why?

Does Inner Lip Tattoos Hurt?

First, tattooing your lips can be extremely painful. A normal human can’t even stand the pain of a lip bite. Now imagine a tattoo needle puncturing your lips 1000 times per minute.

Secondly, Lips tattoos are on the inner side of the mouth which makes it prone to infection. You have to avoid several food types to make sure that your new tattoo on your lips does not get infected.

How Long do Lip Tattoos take to Heal?

The healing period of lip tattoos depends on how you take care of them. If you take all the precautions and proper care of your lip tattoo, then it will heal within 4 to 5 weeks.

Here are 100+ Inner Lip tattoo designs that you can choose from.

What is the Meaning of Lip Tattoos?

Most lip tattoos have one common meaning and that is a rebellious attitude. A person chooses a lip tattoo despite so many risks involved because they want to show that they are not afraid of anything. However, a design can give a unique and even better meaning to your tattoo. Here are some meanings that it can represent –

PAIN – As these tattoos are painful so they will represent pain. It will show that the person has risen above all the pains in life.

Beauty – One will surely agree that tattoos on lips can look extremely attractive and sexy. Many celebs chose lip tattoos to make their movie roles even more attractive. You can try them if you want to stand out of crowd.

Intimacy – These tattoo designs can be extremely intimate as well. One can have tattoos on lips just for their partner.

Can you Tattoo Your Lips?

One more reason that you should think before getting a lip tattoo is that you will be judged a lot after it. If you are single then you should avoid getting a lip tattoo as you meet new people in your life and they might not approve of your lip tattoo. If you are married then too you have to discuss with your partner before getting a lip tattoo.

There are several news where a person with an infected lip tattoo spread the infection to their significant other as well. You have to question a lot of Ifs and BUTs before locking in for a lip tattoo.

After thinking about it thoroughly if you have decided to get a lip tattoo then you have come to at right page. Here we have a huge collection of lip tattoo designs. In our photo gallery, you will find almost every cool lip tattoo that you can try.

Lip tattoos are particularly popular among women so most designs shown here feature girls. If you are men and you want to try a lip tattoo then you can give your modification in the designs shown below.

How Much is the Cost of Permanent Lip Tattoos?

One thing that can affect your decision is the cost of lip tattoos. Since the tattooing of lips is a risky process, it’s costly as well. Many tattoo artists have a no-lip tattoo policy. You have to look into your locality to find a good lip tattoo artist.

On average, a lip tattoo can cost anywhere between $1000 to $2000. It will depend on the size and the color of the ink you choose. You might find a tattoo artist that can ink your lips at a much lower price but keep in mind that not every artist has a practice of tattooing lips. So never go for a cheap tattoo because it can cause a lifetime of embarrassment

Side Effects of Lip Tattoos

As I said earlier, tattoos on lips can be infectious. You must be aware of all the side effects that a lip tattoo can cause. Here are a few –

Swelling – Usually all tattoos swell but lips are soft as compared to chest and back. Therefore a lip tattoo can give extreme swelling and making your whole face look ugly.

Peeling and Scabbing – Again all tattoos peel and scab but you must know that scabbing lip tattoos can be extremely painful. When you peel tattooed lip skin after few days it will be almost as painful as getting bitten by a scorpion.

If you take care of all these side effects then you can go ahead and get your lip tattooed.


Getting your lip tattooed is totally your decision. If you want them tattooed then we have already presented you with the best designs. Don’t forget to share it on your social media.

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