Cult Leon The Professional Tattoos for Movie Puffs

Films affect all of us strongly, even when you are a movie lover or not. The combined influence of images, music, dialogue, lighting, sound, and special effects can create deep feelings and reform our thoughts on lives. They will help us understand our lives, our mindsets, and manifest how our society and culture work. Therefore, movies have been always huge inspirational sources for tattoos.

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Leon: The Professional – The film

Leon’s a classic movie. This film is the bitter and sweet tale of an encounter, the one of the professional killer Leon and the young disturbed girl Mathilda directed by Luc Besson (The 5th element). The young Natalie Portman’s success has made her the star she is today.

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Leon and Mathilda have a relationship simultaneously between father and daughter, teacher, apprentice, outcast, and outcast, yet there are sexuality undertones, Leon squeezing on his milk as Marilyn Monroe clothes him, moments before Bjork sings ‘His wicked sense of humor suggests thrilling sex,’ a lolita frisson, crucially crucial to the film.

Tattoos inspired by this concept

Leon: The Professional has been attracting more and more viewers. And there’s a popular way for movie buffs to express their love to the characters: getting Leon: The Professional Tattoos. Nowadays, Leon’s fans are being tattooed by the experts to celebrate Matilda’s feeling, its fragility, and the big heart of the Badass Lion. The designs also focus on the cool style, particularly the young heroine’s grungy outfit. Didn’t you still watch the movie? These wonderful and sweet tattoos can make you think … And you’re going to appreciate those Leon Skilled tattoos if you liked it …

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