Daily Skincare Tips For 4 Basic Skin Types You Shouldn’t Miss

Each skin type needs a different skincare procedure, so if you want to start daily skincare to improve your skin inside out, you need to do some research on your skin type and how to take care of it.

You should know How To Identify Your Skin Type first!

So today, I am giving you some tips on how you should use some certain products on different skin types.

1. Dry skin

Most people with dry skin have little oil secretion, small wrinkles around the eyes and corners of the mouth, chloasma, and eczema, etc., you might get a skin infection if it’s not treated properly.

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What Is Dry Skin And How To Improve It

The most important thing is to moisturize. Moisturizing should be the first priority daily, remember not to use alcohol-based moisturizer. You have to gently cleanse your face so it won’t get tight after.

 Dry skin is also prone to pigmentation such as chloasma and sunburn, so take good sun protection all year round

2. Daily skincare for oily skin

Oily skin is a type of skin that is easy to recognize and can be seen by others. However, it is not that difficult to treat it. The most important thing to avoid is excessive cleansing.

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In terms of cleansing, in summer, you can choose cleansing milk with strong cleanliness; in spring and autumn or even in winter, we can choose a cleansing product with a general degreasing effect to remove excess oil without making the skin feel dry and tight.

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Some alcohol-containing products can be used for hydrating and moisturizing, which can reduce the bacteria on the skin surface; but in winter, It is still necessary to choose creams to increase the oil to reduce the loss of moisture on the skin surface because if you don’t supply enough moisture, the skin will be dry, desquamated, and even exacerbate existing acne.

Do some people think oily skin does not need to pay special attention to sun protection? In other words, sunscreen itself is very greasy, is it not suitable for oily skin? Current research has shown that sun exposure can aggravate acne. Therefore, people with strong oils and heavy acne should also use sunscreen, especially in summer. 

3. Daily skincare for normal skin

In terms of cleansing, choose a mild facial cleanser that neither removes too much oil nor still be greasy after washing. In summer, you can choose a soap-based facial cleanser with stronger cleanliness according to the oily condition of the skin

Moisturizing is still important for normal skin. You can choose a suitable lotion or cream to moisturize according to the change of the seasons, dryness, and greasiness of the face.

Sunscreen should be chosen based on the comfort of your skin.

4. Combination skin

The combination skincare, compared to other skin types, takes time and effort. Since combination skin has the characteristics of oily skin and dry skin, we need to take care of them separately. First of all, in terms of cleaning, the T-zone needs to be degreasing, and the cheeks cannot be cleaned excessively or irritated. Choose an amino acid facial cleanser.

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Secondly, in terms of hydrating and moisturizing, we can choose moisturizers suitable for dry skin on the whole face. But in summer, I recommend that you choose two types. T zone and cheeks are needed treating separately

Finally, in terms of sun protection, facial sun protection is definitely needed. In order to avoid the aggravation of acne and the appearance of spots on cheeks, it is recommended that you choose products with a thin texture and apply them to the whole face.

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