Discover The Body Artwork In Polynesian Tattoo Designs

Have you heard the Polynesian tattoo designs? Beside Maori or Mandala tattoo, this type of art also comes from a long time and brings a whole new concept of symbols with deep meaning. Even though it seems strange to you, but in the tattoo world, it has brought itself into a famous type of body artwork, and we are here to explain why?

polynesian-tattoo1-1 Discover The Body Artwork In Polynesian Tattoo Designs

What is the Polynesian Tattoo?

Reading, in Polynesians, is not eminent years ago. So, they used the art-Polynesian tattoo to let people learn more about each other’s identity and personality. Tattoos are more likely to reflect the status of a person’s family, genealogy, sexual maturity, and the state of society. Once the missionaries arrived in 1797, Polynesian tattoo designs were banned and the decision was based on the Old Testament.

Since its renaissance in the 1980s, many lost arts revived, but it has become very difficult to sterilize the wooden and bone tools used in the tattooing process so that in 1986 the Ministry of Health banned tattoos in French Polynesia. In recent years, the revival of the art and practice of tattooing, especially in Tonga. It is mainly referred to as a result of the work of scholars, researchers, visual artists, and tattoo artists.

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The Designs and Meanings

The tattoo has various symbols in it, and they each signify something. The Polynesian design doesn’t add meaninglessly. To know that there are some fun ideas to play around with here, you will have to see and learn. These tattoos nowadays become a common and popular art form. They had once been native to countries such as Tonga and Samoa

polynesian-tattoo5 Discover The Body Artwork In Polynesian Tattoo Designs

Let’s have a look at some symbols of Polynesian tattoo designs and since it has become a famous choice for enthusiasts, you can also have one on your own

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