DIY Dried flowers and immortal flowers

by Hong Diep
Dried flowers

DIY Dried flowers and immortal flowers, handmade process, keep the beauty for 300 days.

Those who love flowers always want to keep the beauty of flowers forever. There are three common methods: making dried flowers, immortal flowers or embossing. These methods can be done daily. Let’s share the production process today. Those who are interested Flower friends can try~.

Dried flowers, as the name suggests, is to dry and air-dry the flowers so that it will not rot so quickly. In order to maintain the best natural state of the flower branches, it is best to hang it upside down in a dry and ventilated position when it is still fresh, and the temperature is above 10 degrees. The drier the better, which is conducive to rapid drying.

If you don’t hang it upside down, but place it naturally in a bottle or lay it flat on the table to air dry, the flowers will wilt and wilt, and the shape after air drying will tend to hang, tilt or flatten your head, and you can’t adjust your posture after drying. So hanging upside down is the best way.

When it feels completely dry to the touch, the dried flowers are ready. Take them off carefully and put them in a bottle, or make them into dried flower decorations and keep them at home. Dried flowers will slowly fade to withered yellow, the length of time varies, about 3-5 months are completely withered yellow.

There are several plants that are very suitable for making dried flowers, such as Globe Amaranth, Hydrangea, Wheat Stalk Chrysanthemum, Fairy Gypsophila, Lover’s Grass, Crystal Grass, Lago-tail Grass…These flowers can still be kept after being made into dried flowers. The original beauty, and can be stored for more than half a year.

If you can find some dried fruit husks, cotton husks, and pine cones nearby, you can also clean them, polish them and recolor them, and then put them together into a flower shape. It is also very beautiful. It has been very popular in recent years.

At present, there are 3 methods to make immortal flowers. The first is to use a sealed vial + desiccant (silica gel powder). First introduce the silica gel powder into the bottle, and then put the flowers in, sprinkle the silica gel powder evenly on each leaf, which can be placed in the microwave oven. Ding for 2-3 minutes and take it out gently, the flowers will become immortal flowers.

Another method is to soak in glycerin or formalin. Note that the temperature should be below 25 degrees. Avoid light. Soak for 2-3 months. If the temperature is too high and the light is too strong, the effect will not be achieved. Well, it is still easy to wither.

There is another method, which is more professional. You need to use a vacuum freeze dryer. Put the flowers in ccording to the instructions. After taking them out, the finished flowers will be immortal flowers. This kind of machine is generally an industrial product, and ordinary people don’t have it at home.

The so-called immortal flower is not really immortal. It also has a shelf life. If the environment is dry and cool, it can be stored for about 1 year. If it is humid and strong, it may wither in 1-2 months. We still appreciate it. Enjoy some beautiful pictures~

Embossing production

When most people were young, they had the experience of putting flowers or leaves in a book to make “specimen”. Actually, embossing is based on this principle, but more scientifically, it can make the pressed flowers more beautiful and long-lasting.

Making embossing is very simple, but it requires a tool. The pressure of books and heavy objects is not perfect. You can find embossed boards on the Internet, which are mainly made of 2-4 layers of wood. The four corners are fixed with screws. It is more convenient and the effect is also very good.

With the embossing board, everything is simple. Take out the flowers, preferably smaller ones, and pinch off the tamens completely, so as to ensure the smoothness of the pressing, and the finished product will not be perishable.

After finishing, prepare a piece of white paper, as thick as possible, the size of the white paper should be about the size of the inside of the embossing board, and place the flowers flat on the white paper without crossing each other. If the flowers are too big, they can only be opened and pressed.

After placing the flowers, place another piece of absorbent cardboard under the cardboard, then put it up on the embossing board, cover another absorbent cardboard on the petals, and finally cover the embossed board, and fix it with screws. The absorbent paperboard here is also a dry board, similar to a kind of thick paperboard with a faster blooming rate, and you can buy it online and embossed board together.

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