Curly hair is always the standard of beauty every century. No matter it was in the 1970s or now, you can see a variety of curly hair everywhere in life. For women, curly hair is not only a hairstyle, but it also gives out an elegant and mature aura. Many people spend lots of money going to the hair salon to make such dazzling and colorful hairstyles, but it is not likely we have enough time and money to go to the salon regularly, so we introduce you several simple and easy curling methods so you can curl your hair at home anytime!

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1. Braiding

Braiding your hair to create wavy layers is the easiest way you can do at night. It’s better to damp your hair before braiding. You can either do one big braid or many small ones depending on how curly you want it to be. Then you leave it overnight and untie your hair the next morning.

2. Foam Rollers

You can find these items at the market or in some beauty stores, they are not too hard to find. This is also a simple way to curl your hair naturally; to make it more effective, you also need to damp your hair. Attach your hair to the foam and slowly roll it down to the root. The more Rolls you create, the wavier it will be.

3. Curl your hair at home by using A Curling Iron

There are many types of curling irons, the big and medium size of ironers will create wavy hair, the smaller ones will give you noodle hair. You can use a spray to make the wave last longer.

4. Curl your hair at home by using Flat Iron

It is easier to you the Flat Iron than the curling ones, just roll your hair around one side of the iron, clip it and drag it down to the very end of your hair. This method will give you beautiful locks of curls.

5. Bottle and Hairdryer Hack

This was originally a blowing machine that curls your hair inside a tube, then people on the internet tested out this hack with a cut bottle and a hairdryer. You know what, it works! Just cut the head of the bottle and cut a hole in the middle of it. It has to be wide enough to put the dryer through. Finally you put your hair in the bottle and blow it, then there comes your amazing curly hair.

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