Dress Your Manicure With The Best Purple Nail Designs

Purple will still give you a regal feel and sense of power while still retaining an aura of charming femininity, a classically royal color choice. Purple, is a color that can be found as delicate as a flower, as dominant as a queen, or as elegant as a fine wine in anything. These purple nail designs are completely on fleek, whether your look is artsy, cutesy, or chic.

You are sure to find a flawless look that appeals to your sensibilities, with some choices offered here. The abundance of purple nail designs will not let you down, whether you are planning for a date night, a girl’s night, or simply a day at the office.

purple-nail8 Dress Your Manicure With The Best Purple Nail Designs

The Meaning Behinds Purple Color

Different colors have been said to have different meanings. It has been shown that colors influence the moods of the user, and they can evoke those feelings. Purple is a blue and red color that is also associated with royalty, love, wisdom, femininity, romanticism, luxury, and mystery.

Purple has several colors and variations, warm and cold can be both. It shows that you are positive, creative, individualistic, and not afraid to stand out from the crowd, wearing deep purple on your nails. Purple maybe a little edgy, or dainty and girly when paired with pink. Softer shades of purple nail designs are graceful, elegant, and romantic, such as lavender and lilac.

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The Purple Nail Designs

Make sure to smartly use the various shades of purple to your benefit when wearing purple nails. Dress up a romantic or serious look with dark purples, or select a lighter tone for something sweet and cute. When it comes to the rest of the ensemble, you can also flex the creativity.

Just as one good wine complements a steak dinner, while another highlights the taste of fine dark chocolate, by matching them carefully, matching them not only with violets in your closet, but playing with whites, pinks, blacks, and other solid accent shades, you can best use these designs. Whatever your preference, with this virtually perfect paint, you can not go wrong.

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