Easy and Fund Cardboard House for Kids

A DIY Cardboard House for Kids is a fun and easy at home activity. A great way to keep kids busy inside! You can make a rocket ship, castle, boat, store and racing car from cardboard !

Build a playhouse for kids is a fun project. You can see see how happy they are when you have finished the project. I was inspired to build a playhouse using cardboard when I saw my niece and nephew playing used cardboard that I have at home. So, at that moment I thought about what if I make something creative by using all these cardboards. Then, an idea pop up in my head which is to make a cardboard playhouse that can cheered up the whole room. Thus, you don’t need expensive materials to build it. Later I will explain what kind of material that I used to make my cardboard playhouse. 

Dimensions of the Cardboard House for Kids

The first thing that I do before building this playhouse is making a measurement. I used 3d software because it easy to see how the design look like. Here you can get the dimensions of it.


Step by Step Guide:

Started with 10 cardboard boxes to make it strong enough for frame of the house.

Each side of the frame I glue 2 cardboards boxes.

After finished gluing the cardboard parts using hot glue gun. Then, I pasted the playhouse with self adhesive wallpaper (home decor). You can get it near your local home store.

Some of it I did not use wallpaper but I used white mounting board to cover it.

For the roof shingles I cut pieces of square shape from card stock in shades of grey and taped in rows.

To provide comfort you can place rug or carpet on top of the floor.

Finally I put some cooking toys for kids to play inside the cardboard house for kids

You can refer to the video posted below to watch how we made our DIY cardboard house for kids.

Wish you have funny and great time with your child !

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