Easy Heart Money Origami With 3 Steps

If you are a big fan of origami, perhaps you will be familiar with heart folding. There are a lot of ways to fold the heart with many creative and unique designs. Today, we are going to find out one of the best methods for heart money origami. This method is preferred by its simple and elegant result.


 1 banknote in any value

That’s all! For this kind of heart money origami, it is not going to require you to prepare a lot of stuff!

Easy instruction for Heart Money Origami

Step 1: Fold4 tips of the note and fold 2 short sidelines to make two parallel ones. Then make them go through the central point of the cross lines. Fold 2 long sidelines down to create 2 triangles.

Step 2: Fold2 tips below the triangles up to the top tip, then unfold all the angles, and we have 4 small squares. Fold 2 sides of the squares to the cross lines in the center, and then continue to open all the angles.

Step 3: Fold the note in half, and then put the crease below. Bend the behind layer and put the left parts inside, and modify it to be a normal heart. And that’s all we need to do to have a money origami with one banknote!  

From what you can see, it is quite easy to fold a heart with a banknote because it is almost the same as folding a heart with paper. Spending your time and following all the steps above will help you to achieve a beautiful heart. I hope you will like this post, and I think you can make your own heart with money soon! Good luck and see you in the next posts!

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