How To Avoid Chapped Lips In Dry Season!

In the cold and dry winter, people’s skin will be dry and peeling due to lack of water. The most common part is the lips. The skin of the lips is relatively soft. Many people don’t know how to deal with it when it is dry. Let’s learn about how to take care of your lips properly and avoid chapped lips.

1. Replenish sufficient water in time

In dry weather, your body will be lack of moisture. Purchasing moisturizing products is the key to the balance of body functions and effectively prevents the occurrence of chapped lips.

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2. Avoid chapped lips by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables

Soybean sprouts, cabbage, white radish, etc., help increase the B vitamins; sugar cane, bananas, watermelon, pears, apples, and other fruits can nourish the fluid inside the body, supplements such as vitamin A or B can cure chapped lips very quickly.

3. Stop the bad habits: lip licking and lip biting

Licking your lips with your tongue will only accelerate the occurrence of chapped lips.

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4. Use a mask

Wearing a mask when you are on the road can maintain the moisture content of the lips, and it also helps avoid external irritations such as wind, dirt, and sun.

5. You can apply some grease

Aside from chapstick; sesame oil, other cooking oils, honey, or frostbite cream can also be used to avoid chapped lips.

6. Go to the hospital

If the symptoms of chapped lips are severe ( a lot of scabs and it doesn’t heal up for along time ) you should go to the hospital in time to find out the cause and treat them as soon as possible.

7. Cut the dead skin

To treat the cocked lip skin, use small scissors to cut it off carefully in front of the mirror. Don’t tear it with your fingers, it would be causing pain, bleeding, or even infection.

Just follow our tips, protect your lips and avoid chapped lips in incoming dry season.

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