If you watch HBO’s teen drama – Euphoria, you will appreciate the female character’s wild and breathtaking makeup. Now, I am about to show you how to get 3 eyeshadow looks in Euphoria drama.  Let’s take your brushes and be ready to follow the easy makeup tutorial steps.

1. Green Edge Eye

1.1. Step 1:

For this look, we will focus on both the inner, the outer corner, and a little bit under the eyes. We will use creamy, soft, green coloróa

1.2. Step 2:

Use the same brush and whatever left on the brush, drag it down along the bottom lash line.

1.3. Step 3:

The pop metallic shimmer just in the corner to open it up and circle around to diffuse it. Then, leave the middle of the center area open.

2. Euphoria eyeshadow: Water Color Eye

2.1. Step 1:

For this second Euphoria eyeshadow look, we will use bright and muted together. You can use your fingers to apply the color in this step. Then, emphasize on the teal in the middle with the orange color.

2.2. Step 2:

Use a tapered brush to apply pink color on the bottom in the right place for each color.

2.3. Step 3:

At the very last step, apply highlighter to the inner corner of the eyes

3. A lavender eye

3.1. Step 1:

For this last eye makeup look, we will do all over the lids and make it shiny. First, we are going to use lavender color and apply it to the center and blend it to the edges. Then, use a pencil brush to apply along the bottom lash line.

3.2. Step 2:

Apply the clear gloss to the hollows of the crease and a bit to the inner corner. This also the final step for this lavender Euphoria eyeshadow look.

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