Euphoria Makeup: What are the Most Stunning Ways to Have the Looks

Pretty much high chance that you come across a shiny, facial, and graphic eyeliner when it comes to makeup when scrolling on social media (especially Instagram). For instance, if you tap #Euphoria Makeup in Insta, a whopping 75k+ result is going to be seen! This look has lots of love and it is definitely one of last year’s biggest trends! There is a fancy name for those makeup looks: ‘Euphoria’.

Inspired by the hit TV drama, the boss’ babe Zendaya’s name, the series follows a group of young people as they experience the ups and downs of life. This TV drama is amazing and gritty as hell, but the makeup? Fantastic. I don’t have more words to say.

Below, we rounded up 3 ways to create your own euphoria-inspired make-up looks at home. Check them out!!!

Look 1: Rhinestones and Fierce Eyeliner

Many of the characteristics in Euphoria live an unbearable life, but the look of the make-up is simple, optimistic, and uplifting-it hides their pain beautifully.

Some of the best looks have rhinestones. Stop hesitate and start playing brilliant tutorials right now …

Recommendations: Revlon Colorstay Crème Eye Shadow Peacock, and Flower Beauty Flower Pots Powder Blush Warm Hibiscus.

Look 2: Everyday Euphoria

You could look great with striking eyeliner and rhinestone eyebrows, but work might have something to say about it! Saying this does not mean this Euphoric makeup is to be exclusively reserved for holidays. (Spoilt sports!) Look at this … Take a look …

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Look 3: Find beauty in violet of Euphoria

In 2020, we embrace purple, lilac, violet, and all of those shades. It would be a regret if these hues stay outside of this trend. This last look mixes a beautiful matte complexion with cool purple colors and declaration glitter but always pushing the limits. Just so on-trend, Glam!

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