Everything You Need To Know About Maori Tattoo Art

Maori tattoo art seems strange to most people but in fact, these designs are taking over the world for many years. Its popularity basically based on the meaning and religious appearance behind those tattoos. Today, let’s have a look at this tattoo and maybe it can inspire you to have this in your tattoo list.

Maori-Tattoo-Art-12 Everything You Need To Know About Maori Tattoo Art

The Origin

The indigenous people from New Zealand called the Maori to have an amazing form of body art. Those arts are known as moko, also referred to as Maori tattoo art. The art form was brought to the Maori from Polynesia and is considered highly sacred.

Maori-Tattoo-Art-13-1 Everything You Need To Know About Maori Tattoo Art

The Meaning

When talking about the most common place to get this type of tattoo, is the face. The combination of curved shapes and spiral-like patterns like tribal art, represented the symbol of rank, social status, power, and prestige. For the Maori people, the tattoo was highly revered and ritualized, and when they usually have this during adolescence.

Maori-Tattoo-Art-17 Everything You Need To Know About Maori Tattoo Art

Maori Tattoo Art Designs

The Maori tattoo art is usually not the same, no two tattoos are alike. This is one of a kind. Because it represents Maori culture, they are always highly intricate and detailed and display the craftsmanship and artistry.

The designs became famous since the 18s when some European explorers in New Zealand discovered and found it very fascinating in the beauty of Maori tattoo and culture. Even though the background story of this is not as good as it seems, but the fact that because of the beauty in Maori art, it became a sensation in the world.

Maori-Tattoo-Art-14-1 Everything You Need To Know About Maori Tattoo Art

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If you are looking for a unique form of art, bring a high value of religious meaning, let’s consider Maori tattoo art to be your next inspiration. Here we have something that may satisfy your curiosity about this amazing body art.

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