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Everything You Need To Know About Neo-Traditional Tattoo

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For most people, the neo-traditional tattoo seems unfamiliar and even some of the tattoo artists wouldn’t know about this term. This type of tattoo is an art of ink, which combine many elements such as art designs, color patterns, and shape. All of that creates a stunning tattoo that people can’t take their eyes off. So what is a neo-traditional tattoo and maybe after this, you can consider having one.

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The History of Neo-Traditional Tattoo

The art trend appeared during the 1890s when the main influence of art was Art Nouveau and Art Deco. These two art movements were the inspiration for neo-traditional tattoos, along with Victorian, Egyptian, and Asian cultures. Since many art movements are the foundation of this style, it took lots of challenges to have this tattoo.

The neo-traditional tattoo is an evolution of Old school – or American traditional tattoo. The images they use for this tattoo are bolder and even more dramatic in styles. People’s creativity is unlimited, along with the enthusiasm for trying something new. All of that is contributed to this iconic style of tattoo.

The Unique Style

Updating from the classic, traditional tattoo, the neo tattoo is the vintage trends that getting contemporary or modern details to it. Instead of black and classic color palette, neo-traditional tattoo full of detailed, multi-dimensional designs. These tattoos are beautiful and stand out, so this could be your perfect option. However, since it is highly complicated, try to choose a trustworthy tattoo artist to have it inked for you.

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Because of the beauty and strong aesthetic style with lots of details, the neo-traditional tattoo is coming back and become hotter than ever. Here are some of the designs of this style, you may want to check it out for your upcoming



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