Everything You Need To Know Before Using Soap Brows

What Are Soap Brows?

Recently, there has been a new way to gain perfectly defined eyebrows on Tiktok: soap brows. However, it is not every type of soap that you can apply on a part of your face, it must be chosen carefully.

Why Did People Start This Idea?

The soap contains a fat known as glycerin. This element helps eyebrows stay in place the entire day. So, it is a brilliant replacement for gels and pomade. With the shiny effect of these products, they can give your brow a charming finished look.

Step-by-step Tutorials on Soap Brows Application

Step 1:

Keep your brows damp by spray the spoolie brush with a facial mist. There is no exact amount of spray that I can give you because the number varies for different people. Just give it a few tries to explore how many sprays are enough to make your brows damp.

Step 2:

For a start, gently rub the bristles of the brush upon the soap’s surface. Then, put it on your brows. If you are a newbie, start with a small amount to get rid of the waxy look. Then, gradually build up more coats.

Step 3:

Define your brow shape with the soap-coated spoolie. Be patient since soap does not dry as fast as you think it is.

Step 4:

Touch up and fill the sparse areas to create a natural look.

Tip: You need to be careful when applying other makeup products like foundation or eye shadows. Soap can make the texture feel and appear cakey, which is a nightmare of every girl.

Our Top 4 Recommendations:

1. Dove White Beauty Bar – The dermatologist pick

2. Neutrogena Original Fragrance-Free Facial Cleansing Bar – The dermatologist pick

3. West Barn Co. Soap Brows and Prep Mist – The makeup artist pick

4. Pears Transparent Soap Gentle Care – The Internet pick

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