Fascinating Blue Nail Designs That Bring The Summer Vibe

Blue nail is famous for a very, very long time. Now, as the hot summer is coming, it’s time to add some beach color into your nail. When summertime is here, people already mention going to the beach and having a blue manicure can make your spot on at every beach area. Nevertheless, blue is the most allure color, and we got the best suggestions for you.

Whenever you are looking for baby blue, or dark galaxy, acrylic, glitter, or ombre nails, we have it all. Wonder what kind of manicure should you have? Here are some beautiful blue nail designs for you.

Blue-Nail-Cover-1 Fascinating Blue Nail Designs That Bring The Summer Vibe

Baby Blue Color

If you are looking for a neutral and light shade of color, then baby blue is your best option. Have a light coat of this color will make your nails look absolutely lovely and cute.

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Blue Nail Designs: Galaxy

Are you a fan of the galaxy in the night? Then the idea of having a galaxy sky to your nails can be so exciting. Everyone will look at your manicure and can’t take their eyes off it.

Sparkling With Glitter

Start to have full manicure of glitter to bring out the shiniest look for you. Summer is getting very excited and fun and a sparkling nail will boost the mood to the highest for you.

Blue Nail Designs: Hologram

Who says only pink can have hologram? Actually, this design can rock on every color, especially blue. Having blue hologram designs are unique and sassy, totally gonna pull the look.

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Ombre Nail

Of course, we can’t miss the ombre design. Obviously, this can nail on every color, and blue is not exceptional. The shade of blue is beautiful and charming for you to nail this summer.

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