Fascinating Elephant Tattoo Designs That Resemble The Wild

So, you have scroll lots of wild animal tattoo like wolf or lion, now let’s take a step into a bigger animal which is elephant tattoo. The giant and powerful in the jungle sure can be your next inspiration. Furthermore, many people take this enormous tattoo since it represents strength, prosperity, and attitude. It also appears in many regions such as Africa and Asia, and we are sure to be overwhelmed by the designs.

If you are animal and nature lovers, elephant tattoo can be your next idea in your tattoo list. Have a look at these ideas and designs below!

Elephant-Tattoo-cover-1-1 Fascinating Elephant Tattoo Designs That Resemble The Wild

Watercolor Elephant

Portrait the fascinating and vibrant designs by adding colorful ink to your elephant designs. Whether it is a big or small tattoo, having a splash of color always makes it better as ever.

Elephant Tattoo Designs: Geometric

Once again, modern and famous designs can be added to this tattoo. The different shapes of geometric tattoo sure to give the uniqueness into your elephant.

Circus Designs

Yes, elephant as in kids’ thought is the elephant in the zoo and especially, in the circus. The elephant with circus details such as flower patterns and scarf will make your body art become special than ever.

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Elephant Tattoo Designs: Detailed

What do we mean when we mention a detailed elephant? It means a tattoo with a detailed drawing of an actual elephant, with lots of elements such as jungle, flower, patterns on it. All combined together will become a fascinating picture that only for a bold person like you

Cute and Small Designs

OK, so you don’t want enormous and too many elements like all those designs above, let’s consider small and cute one. Elephants can also represent cuteness as it appears in many cartoons such as the famous movie “Dumbo”. Consider minimalist as your next tattoo design.

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