Fascinating Skull Tattoo Designs That Suit Both Men And Women

When people mention skulls, they often think about negativity, and so does skull tattoo. However, skull tattoo designs can hold many different meanings. Skull will be best represented for death, but not in a negative way. Everyone has to die, and this tattoo feels like acceptance for this fact. It can have much abstracts beauty. However, it also represents life as in the most famous tradition day in the world, Day of the Dead. Whichever is it, skull tattoo is absolutely cool and famous in the tattoo world.

Fascinated by those tattoos? Here are some skull tattoo designs for you to add to your tattoo collection for your next upcoming idea.

Skull-Tattoo-cover Fascinating Skull Tattoo Designs That Suit Both Men And Women

Crossbones Skull

This design frequently appears in the tattoo world. Actually, people often see this in the pirate flag. This tattoo also helps people to accept the fact that all of us will die, eventually, it’s the end.

Skull Tattoo Designs: Day of the Dead

The Mexican belief and culture, Day of the Dead, is the fact a celebration of life. On this day, people honor and remember the one who passed away. The designs also spectacular with many colors and shapes create a beautiful work of art.

Skull and Rose

The combination of the most traditional motif of the tattoo – skull and rose. If you like Gothic design, this is a perfect tattoo for you. It’s poetic, artistic, and it represents good and evil aspects in life.

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Skull Tattoo Designs: Minimalist

A minimalist tattoo can be as good as complex designs. If you want simplicity, this may interest you. A minimalist design with traditional ink and not too much shading can be elegant and still have the beauty.

Ghost Rider Tattoo

Movie lovers can’t pass this legendary movie on the list. A skull with the flame element will create a strong, fierce, and totally badass. This is a good choice for someone who wants to have strength and powerful ink on their body.

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